We were born in the 70s

With the idea of bringing to Spain the outdoor advertising of the elite neighbourhood of Tokyo: GINZA. In 1979 we began to offer the large Spanish brands the illuminated signs that already cover all the buildings in the Japanese city with advertising and colors.

In the 1980s we began to install billboards on the main Spanish highways that already existed on most roads in the United States. Finally, during the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games, we developed the city wall advertising on the facades of Barcelona in collaboration with the City Council to improve the urban landscape.

Outdoor advertising specialists

We innovate in all our products to offer brands notoriety, quality, efficiency and impact on the main Spanish streets. We advise our clients on creativity for their advertising campaigns and we offer them the latest technology (Wifi, Augmented Reality, LED Lighting) so that their campaigns not only have an impact but also interact with their target audience.

Joaquín Cusí


Virginia Cusi

Legal director

Pablo Manén

Accountancy director

Montse Cusi

Big account executive

Daniel Garcia

Marketing & Back Office Manager

Mónica Horcajada

Big account executive

Javier Martín

Director of wealth

Federico Parrilla

Big account executive